Classes for Adults at Center For Movement Arts

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Fundamentals of Ballet
A ballet class for the absolute beginner, no previous dance experience required. Fundamentals of Ballet is a gentle and practical introduction to the art of Ballet. Careful attention to posture and proper technique are the hallmarks of this class. Fundamentals of Ballet is a session class. A one-class trial is available, please contact the studio for details.
Beginning Ballet
This class is a continuation of the work done in Fundamentals. Emphasis is on expanding Ballet vocabulary at the barre and in the center. Students who have studied for a minimum of two sessions of Fundamentals and have the instructor’s consent may move into Beginning Ballet. If a prospective student studied extensively as a child and teen but has not taken class in many years, this class is a good place to get back to ballet. Beginning Ballet is a session class. A one-class trial is available, please contact the studio for details.
Ballet One
Ballet one is not a class for beginners. A basic working vocabulary of both barre and center work are required. A prospective Ballet One student should have 5 to 7 years of ballet training and taken class in the last year. If you are at all unsure about whether this class is for you, please contact the studio. Drop-ins and class cards are available for this class.
Intermediate Ballet
This is not a class for beginners. Participants in Intermediate Ballet have been studying Ballet on a regular basis for many years. Although not an advanced or professional level class, a working knowledge of all of the elements of barre and center is expected. A minimum of a single pirouette in both directions (en dehors and en dedans) in passé is expected. Turns in open positions (attitude and arabesque) are studied regularly. All elements of center (milieu, adage, pirouette, petit sauté, petit allegro and grande allegro) are covered. If any of this terminology is unfamiliar to you, you should start with a lower level class first.
Ballroom Dance One
An 8 week session of classes for adults geared for the absolute beginner. Students will learn the basics of swing, waltz, fox trot and tango in an encouraging atmosphere. Ballroom is offered by sessions only and taught by Sherie Ryan.
Ballroom Dance Two
A continuation of Ballroom One, Ballroom Two builds on the dances and variations learned in Ballroom One. More difficult variations are added and there is more emphasis on styling. In addition, the instructor likes to introduce Rumba in Ballroom Two. Two sessions of Ballroom One or the consent of the instructor are required for entrance to Ballroom Two.
Ballroom Dance Three
A continuation of the work done in Ballroom Two, this class includes more complex steps and longer combinations. Ballroom Three puts greater emphasis on improvisation, leading/following skills and individual style. This is advanced work. Instructor’s consent required.
Adult Tap
Adult Tap class is designed for a wide range of skill levels from Beginning to Advanced-Intermediate. Using contemporary music with enjoyable syncopated rhythms, students of all skill levels will enjoy this easy-going, fun loving class!
Mat Class
This class works to strengthen and stretch muscles while integrating the mind and body. Instructor Megan Dawn focuses on the union of breath and movement, encouraging students to work deeply with awareness and ease. Attention to core support and alignment is coupled with release from the joints and superficial muscles, allowing the body and mind to begin to work together in a dynamic synergy.
Ellové Technique®
The Ellové Technique® is a non-impact conditioning class taught by certified instructors. It is designed to strengthen and rejuvenate the body through the pure techniques of ballet, yoga, fitness, and Pilates. Moving through an intentional playlist of music, the class seamlessly incorporates alignment principles, balance, and full body awareness while focusing on the breath. Students leave Ellové feeling stronger, longer, and more connected to their bodies. The Ellové Technique’s use of therapeutic principles improves posture, balance, strength, and flexibility, and is recommended cross-training and injury prevention for dancers.

"Dancing... is life itself."

~ Havelock Ellis, psychologist/writer