Why Choose Center For Movement Arts?

  • All classes are taught in an encouraging, supportive atmosphere.

  • Very competitive rates -- among the lowest in Portland.

  • A sense of humor and fun is always emphasized.

  • Center For Movement Arts provides comfortable seating for parents during class.

  • Center For Movement Arts provides a play area for dancers’ siblings during class.

  • Techniques are taught emphasizing the positive -- what a dancer is doing right and how it can be even better.

  • All CMA instructors have university degrees, post-graduate degrees, and/or professional experience.

  • Observation windows in both studios allow parents to watch their children any time (excluding summer camps -- dancers only).

  • We have a strong expectation of academic success in addition to dance study. We place a premium on higher education for older children. Graduates from CMA have been accepted at prestigious colleges and universities across the country including Goucher, Bellhaven, Pratt Institute of Design, Bates College, University of Wisconsin at Madison, Pomona, Humboldt State, Seattle University, Bowdoin University, American University at Washington DC, University of Puget Sound, University of Oregon, Western Washington State, Portland State University, and Oregon State University.

  • All CMA instructors are extremely experienced teaching dance to children. There are no student teachers here. There is not a constant parade of substitute teachers.

Why Dance?

  • Dance provides a sense of personal accomplishment.

  • Dance teaches children to work in an ensemble (team).

  • Dance promotes critical thinking.

  • Dance teaches self-discipline.

  • Dance builds a stronger spine.

  • Dance teaches art appreciation.

  • Dance training promotes a better posture.

  • Dance teaches a work ethic to last a lifetime.

  • Dance teaches self-knowledge and awareness.

  • Dance teaches musical knowledge and appreciation.

  • Dance teaches the power and joy of physical strength.

  • Dance teaches a child to work on himself for himself.

  • Dance promotes physical endurance and coordination.

  • Dance teaches physical fluidity and flexibility of musculature.

  • Dance teaches joy in achieving personal goals as new skills are acquired.

  • Dance connects the physical with the intellectual; it blends the emotional life with the spiritual life.

  • Dance is fun!!!

"Dance, fall down, get up, dance, fall down, get up."

~ anonymous