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House of Voice Chi

Lyndee Mah is an Independent Teaching Artist. Her approach to voice and music incorporates the principles of the Andover Method of Body Mapping and nurtures students’ natural abilities and talents by teaching musical technique and professional delivery.

As a voice teacher and music educator, Ms. Mah focuses her sessions on:

  • Inviting a state of readiness
  • Centering around one's core
  • Releasing physical/vocal tensions through the practice of awareness
  • Building breath support, capacity, flexibility and strength
  • Freeing, warming up and placing the voice
  • Extending the vocal range
  • Incorporating the voice with text work
  • Marrying voice with movement to achieve a full range of expression

In addition to offering private voice instruction, Ms. Mah's educational roster has included workshops, residencies and master classes throughout the Portland metro area at institutions such as the Vancouver School of Arts and Academics, Marysville Elementary School, and Portland State University's Helen Gordon Child Development Center

Lyndee Mah's workshops, residencies and private sessions are designed to offer students at any age or level, beginning through professional, a thoughtful, informed and creative approach to the demands of vocal expression. Please contact Lyndee if you're interested in learning more about voice lessons.

Students Say

"Lyndee's teaching style was perfect for me. She was supportive, but strict and always told me with honesty what was happening with my voice. Without my vocal training with Lyndee, I would not have been able to progress as professionally from dance into a theater realm."
~ Heidi Carlsen, Performing Artist

"In February I went to an ear/nose/throat doctor who confirmed that I did have nodules. He sent me to a speech therapist. I didn't see any improvement to my voice. I remember getting ready to take the kids to the park, and I started crying, because I was concerned that if they were to run off, I wouldn't be able to yell for them to come back. I asked my ENT if a voice coach would help, and he thought that was a good option... unlike my speech therapy. Lyndee was able to get me to connect how my voice is not just in my throat, but in my body. Her exercises are elegant and simple. Within one month of lessons, my voice was coming back, and my ENT doc was very impressed with the progress I made."
~ Jennifer Jardee-Borquist