"Sophisticated, densely packed with choreographic ideas, exciting."

Barry Johnson, The Oregonian

"For two decades local choreographer Mary Oslund has created dance pieces in which the lightest whisper of contact propels and repels with the force of a shotgun blast.

[Oslund] continues to find unlikely partners in body parts: hip to chest, head to back, shin to elbow. A series of angular shapes hangs, suspended until they break into shards of tiny articulations of the extremities, adding hitches of breath that revive heavy limbs. Smart rather than clever, Oslund engages individuals who are able to give these alien configurations human emotion."

Kelly Clarke, Willamette Week

"The sure touch of a master in creating compelling, innovative movement for an ensemble."

Martha Ullman West, Sforzando Magazine

"..combines elegance and lyricism with dissonance and intensity. This work fuses exquisite dancing and tantalizing imagery in movement, set, and theatrical action"

Cerinda Survant, The Oregonian

"Mary Oslund's abstract dances conjure images of high-speed collisions, mine detonations or disjointed androids enmeshed in a postindustrial clockworks of schizophrenic motion. The veteran Portland dance-maker gives no quarter where aggressive pitches of flesh-on-flesh are concerned, but she wields her blitzkrieg choreography with brains and a scalpel's precision. That makes Oslund + Co.'s upcoming Lincoln Hall performance -- which includes Oslund's much-anticipated newest work, "Volant" -- the ticket to buy for lovers of aggressive abstract dance. Seen in rehearsal, Oslund's latest crop of modern dancers -- easily among the city's best -- wear her choreography like a second skin, and they appear to be armor-plated."

Catherine Thomas, The Oregonian

“The language of pure dance is neither easy to read nor easy to speak. Oslund + Company has not only mastered this kinetic medium, but is able to use it to communicate both deeply and eloquently the uncertainty of life.”

Tanya Ignacio, Tonic Magazine

“One of the few Portland performers who can boast more than two decades of creative activity in the state, Mary Oslund has managed to stay as innovative and vital as when she first founded her company.”

Deborah Broderson, Willamette Week