UPCOMING in 2011

White Bird Uncaged
PSU Lincoln Hall
January 20-22, 2011

White Bird presents Oslund+Co as part of the 2010-11 Uncaged Season at Lincoln Hall. The commisioned work, Childhood Star (working title), will explore the unpredictability of a shifting environment created by Christine Bourdette's installation of sculpture and projection. Eight dancers will embody Oslund's idiosyncratic movement, noted for its compelling physicality and intricate group work, to navigate an altered space. Propelled by Darrin Verhagen's swerving musical score of single instrument rhapsodies, including propanium drum, female voice and electronics, the piece will investigate the often tumultuous path that leads, ultimately, to resolution.

In Performance
Imago Theatre
17 SE 8th Avenue, Portland

Repertory will include new versions of Anatomica (2009) and Fauna (2009), and a new work Solarians being developed by Mary Oslund (choreographer) and Jerry Mouawad (dramaturge). Projections will be created for the work by Mona Huneidi. The characters and events of the 1961 book by Polish writer Stanislaw Lem provide a loose basis for the work, which deals with a mysterious planet and its powerful ocean. The work is funded by a generous grant from The Regional Arts and Culture Council.